FEB. 17, 2018
FEB. 17, 2018




Join ManiaKnight and his team as they discuss their experiences developing their fangame UNDERFELL!


The group meeting will include discussions about UNDERFELL's inner-workings, how the team got assembled, picking the voice actors, constructing the game from the ground up, and much more.



Meet some of the devs behind their fan-game Undertale Yellow as they talk about the process behind developing UTY, how they assembled their team, how their workflow functions, and more!


The team will also be answering many of your questions, and will present a new ATLANTALE exclusive UTY trailer.

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This is an unofficial non-profit Undertale fan event, created by fans and for fans. We are not associated with Undertale™ or Toby Fox. Undertale™ and all its characters are trademarked and copyrighted by Toby Fox.
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